Nanny State Hits The Beach

You know, if there is anything the Left hates, it is people having fun. No matter what it is, they will find a way to ruin it. An average day at the beach in liberal areas tends to mean no balls, no frisbee’s, no dogs, no food, no smoking, no drinking, and, now

Add playing in the sand to the long list of fun things that may be bad for your health.

A new study says you risk getting an upset stomach and diarrhea if you dig into the granular stuff to fill toy pails, build sand castles or bury yourself. You’re better off walking along the shore or swimming in the surf.

Is the federal government, which paid $63,500 for the research, throwing a major bummer into the beach-going season? San Diego County’s 76 miles of coastline are dotted with dozens of state and city-run beaches.

Of course they are. I used to tell a story on one of the forums at which goes like thus: liberals can only be happy when they are sad. Take one to the beach, and they will get all depressed because they are happy to be at the beach, but sad because the Sun is shiny so they are happy but they get sad because it is such a beautiful day so they are happy so they get sad. Got that?

Me, I just go in the water, and hopefully surf. Quite a bit safer dealing with sharks, jelly fish, and fishies that nibble on your toes than unhinged nanny staters.

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