Psychotic Palin Haters

Oh, look, unhinged barking moonbats at Talking Points Memo making degrading remarks about Palin, Trig, and Bristol. What was that thing they keep telling us about the left being more compassionate, caring, and mature?

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3 Responses to “Psychotic Palin Haters”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach since you seem to define “the left” as anyone who voted for Obama you must realize that “the left” speaks with 66 million viewpoints. But now it seems that even more people onthe right are turning on Sarah Palin: here is conservative Liz Trotta from Fox calling her “inarticulate and undereducated”

  2. Duncan says:

    Liza Trotta also referred to Trig plain as an “it” as well when she was busy critizing Sarah Palin during the campaign, so since she is not a fan of her then, why should I expect her to say nice things now especially when she senses blood in the water?

    Anyways, I have figured out why the left hates Palin so much, to the point it should have its own name, like Palin-Obessive/Compulsive Disorder, a close cousin to Bush Derangement Syndrome. Think about it, Bush is no longer in power and fades off into obscurity as a former President. You can hate him, but why? He’s no longer the guy in charge, and his power is gone. But Sarah, she’s aspiring to higher federal offices, and she’s a CHRISTIAN! AND A CONSERVATIVE! AND A WOMAN! AND SHE’S FROM ALASKA (which is like Texas except that it is full of snow hillbillies), so we can make a hateful caricature out of her like they did George W., a virtual political voodoo doll to stick pins into.

    It seems like the most likely explanation to me..

  3. I notice that you were unable to actually, you know, defend TPM, and, instead, went off on a tangent, John. Why is that?

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