Climate Astrology Reigns

Apparently, when Obama said that he wanted to put science ahead of a political agenda, the science was that of the 2nd Century. Let’s start with U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu

“For the first time in human history, science has shown that we are altering the destiny of our planet. At no other time in the history of science have we been able to say what the future will be 100 years from now.

I guess we are now using crystal balls and Tarot cards as scientific methods. But, hey, if we go by the True Believer model, we should not listen to Chu, because he is not a climatologists. You know, like Al Gore is.

And then you have Obama in regards to Waxman-Markey

“A long-term benefit is we’re leaving a planet to our children that isn’t four or five degrees hotter.”

But, no similar thought was given to the Generational Theft Act, nor that that Waxman-Markey will only cause a temperature reduction of 9/10 of a degree. If it works.

That’s worth destroying the economy, shipping jobs overseas, and raising the cost of everything, right?

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