Way To Go, Mark Sanford! Moron

During breaks, and times the training moderator wasn’t watching, I watched with fascination loathing on Twitter the saga of Mark Sanford. Yes, I’m sure everyone knows all about this by now, but, bear with me

Mark Sanford, the governor of South Carolina, said he had conducted an extra-marital affair with a woman in Argentina, ending a mystery over his week-long disappearance that had infuriated lawmakers and seemed to put his rising political career in jeopardy. He apologized for the affair and the deception surrounding his trip in a rambling, nationally televised news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Way to go, you idiot. You know, there is a part in the book Do As I Say (Not As You Do) about when Conservatives are hypocritical, they tend to hurt themselves, but when Liberals are hypocritical they hurt many others while profiting. What is meant by “hurt themselves” is that they tend to hurt themselves individually as well as possibly friends and family. In this case, it wasn’t just his family – and good for his wife for saying “see ya!” unlike so many political spouses – he has hurt the Republican/Conservative cause. Thanks. Preciate ya.

But, just to step back a second from the outrage flowing around the blogosphere from conservatives, let’s not forget that he broke no laws. To repeat, he broke no laws. Being an a.. um, jerk, is not a crime. We should not “circle the wagons,” as one typically unhinged site is wondering if that will happen. But, neither should we go overboard in condemning Sanford for being an unfaithful spouse. He does need to go, because, if he cannot be trusted to be faithful to his wife of 4 children, how can we trust him to serve in government. Let’s also remember, most politicians are not the best of people.

But, I do find it highly amusing, and hypocritical, that the same folks on the left who have told us for over a decade that what happened to William Jefferson Clinton was no big deal, because it was just about sex, and should remain private, but, Sanford is a big deal to them, despite it being just about sex. Of course, as most who live in the Reality Reality Based Community understand, it wasn’t about sex, it was about lying to a federal grand jury about said sex, plus some of the same other charges Scooter Libby was nailed on. Perhaps using the word nailed in this discussion should be avoided.

So, just remember, while Sanford is still an as… jerk, there are bigger fish to fry. Amazingly, the Credentialed Media has still pretty much ignored all the land deal chicanery by Harry Reid, barely mentions William “Cold Cash” Jefferson, and can barely raise an eyebrow over the possibly illegal firing of an Inspector General, among other Democrat hits. Go easy on the outrage at Sanford. We do better when our folks do stupid things, but, again, he broke no law.

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6 Responses to “Way To Go, Mark Sanford! Moron”

  1. Wide Trends says:

    senator john ensign says: welcome to the club bro…welcoming him with open arms

  2. John Ryan says:

    Teach bad direction to go when you try and point out that “he broke no laws” What if he used taxpayer dollars to fund his trips ? In any case Americans LOVE to hear about holier than thou conservatives getting caught doing what they speak against. In the last month the GOP has lost TWO of its headliners who will be the next ??

  3. manbearpig says:

    I don’t want to give him a pass because he is a complete jag for cheating on his wife, but I agree with Teach, he hasn’t broken any laws. If he did use tax-payer money for his little trip, that would be one thing, but there is no evidence of it so it’s a moot point. I mean it isn’t like he got caught with $100K in bribe money in his freezer.

    The problem for Sanford is that people like to hold their leaders to higher standards than they themselves would. Joe punch clock tapping a piece on the side is one thing, but we expect that our leaders would have more respect for their family/partner. Also, if they are willing to lie and cheat on their spouse, what would they be willing to lie to their constituents about? Unfortunately, team elephant does hold their leaders to a higher standard. Team donkey would have already released a statement that said, “it’s just sex”. So while I am disgusted at the lack of respect that Sanford has for his wife, I wouldn’t be calling for his resignation if I were a resident of SC, at least not at this point. The thing that is really more troubling is that he just took off without leaving a contingency plan for who is running the show while he is not around.

    A better question is why does he have to leave the Governor’s mansion? I mean, isn’t it HIS mansion (I know, I know, it is really the people’s house and he gets the privilege of living there). It isn’t the Governor’s Wife’s mansion, or the Governor’s family’s mansion. Can he really be kicked out by his wife? If anyone has to leave, shouldn’t it be his wife?

  4. Raven says:

    Our elected leaders get far less crap when they use our money to fund their wasteful ways and lifestyles…it’s par for the course these days.

    Laws? Depends upon who you’re saying that too. Religious people will bash this idiOt forever or until he asks for forgiveness. They have to. It’s in their Book of Life.

    He is a hypocrite of almost the highest order…and so typical of the new breed of conservatives I see lately. It shames me to no end to admit this drama queen weak willed wussy of a man was ever seriously a contender for ANY office. White House? Forget it. His romps in his mistresses’ house better have sealed his fate.

    His wife has every right to boot his ass out on the street and we can bet he isn’t on a street where he belongs. But I’m reading today the two are back together, trying to “mend” their “marriage” which, in my opinion, was, is and always will be a sham. Yes, I do hold my elected morons to a higher standard. Problem is, none of my friends have ever stooped to this level. Perhaps it should be stated better- I hold my elected reps to a lower standard.

    It seems to me that is what many on the right are doing. They are lowering the standards, making excuses and letting this pass with no real demand for Sanford to do the right thing (resign and move on to the sunset).

  5. Well, John, if he actually broke laws, whichever arm of SC law enforcement is in charge, or the FBI, should hall him off in handcuffs. Period.

    Hell of a good question on the mansion, MBP. He probably thought it was easier, but, yeah, unfortunately, she should be the one leaving, legally.

    I never really saw him as a contender for the WH, as so many other conservatives seemed to think, Raven. He seemed to be the same old wishy washy Republicrat, who mouths conservative platitudes, but, was really Democrat Lite. He should resign, as, as you put it, if he can’t be trusted to be true to his wife and family….

  6. John Ryan says:

    he fraudulently charged the people of the State of South Carolina at least 9000 dollars for his trips to hottie land

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