In Iran, Obama Supports……..

The supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Hard to believe, eh? (h/t LGF2.0)

President Barack Obamasays he believes supreme leader Ayatollah ali Khamenei has deep concerns about the civil unrest that has followed the hotly contested presidential election there.

Obama repeated Tuesday at a news conference his “deep concerns” about the disputed balloting. He said he believes the ayatollah’s decision to order an investigation “indicates he understands the Iranian people have deep concerns.”

This is what happens when you mix an ideologue with no real world experience, no clue what happens in foreign countries, and an ability to look past reality in favor of buying the world a Coke. As Rodan wrote: “It is a dark day when America supports tyrants over people.” But, of course, that is the norm with the Left.

But at the same time, Obama said it would not be helpful if the United States was seen by the world as “meddling” in the issue.

Funny how he and the Left had no problem with people around the world meddling in our issues, such as our elections, Guantanamo Bay, etc. And Obama has no problem meddling with Israeli issues, such as settlements, eh?

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2 Responses to “In Iran, Obama Supports……..”

  1. Duncan says:

    Well, it is those evil JOOOOOOOS, so why not meddle with them.

  2. He is sure satisfying his anti-Semitic base, eh?

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