VP Gaffetastic: “Everyone Guessed Wrong On Stimulus Jobs Numbers”

Everyone, Joe?

Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that “everyone guessed wrong” on the impact of the economic stimulus, but he defended the administration’s spending designed to combat rising joblessness.

Everyone? I suppose in a world where we ignore those who opposed the Generational Theft Act.

Biden said inaccuracies in unemployment predictions shouldn’t undercut the White House’s support of the $787 billion economic revival plan that has not met the expectations of President Obama’s team. Instead, the vice president urged skeptics to look at teachers who kept their classroom assignments and police officers who kept their beats because of financial assistance from Washington.

“The bottom line is that jobs are being created that would not have been there before,” Biden said.

Can you be a little more specific, Sheriff Joe? Because no one in Obama’s administration can really point to specific job created or not lost. Just generalities. All while the unemployment rate hovers in European numbers. Even some DUers are losing their hopey changey feeling on this.

But, hey with such great projects such as

And the hit list goes on and on. A good Twitter feed is from recovery.org, which is not the official site, that being recovery.gov. Not quite sure what the number address is for Sheriff Joe.

Notice that so many of these projects, whether wasteful or not, will, at best, provide only temporary and short term employment.

I find it very interesting, as I mentioned earlier today, that so much of the money seems to be going to federal agencies. Now, I usually have no problem with funding the military, but, there are avenues to do that, and that was not what Porkulus was for.

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