Raleigh Tea Party June 3 2009

Was able to head down to the TEA Party/Take Back Our State, sponsored by Americans For Prosperity NC, today for about an hour, had to head out for a date. Not bad attendence for a Wednesday in Raleigh in 90 degree weather with t-storms threatening. Looked to be about 1,200-1,500 people there or so, maybe more, plus, folks were coming and going, though they started leaving around 6 (started at 4:30) when it started to get really windy and threatening looking. Rain wasn’t even close, though.

Pictures below the more tag

Got to shake hands with Joe The Plumber. (In the blue shirt, obviously)

From the side. Probably about 400 people in the tent.

Hey, Mary Katherine Hamm! Didn’t get to meet her, she was mostly busy talking on the radio with Bill LuMaye on 680 WPTF.

You can’t tell from the photo, but, that is Jonathan Krohn, 14 year old Conservative wonderkid up there speaking (just to the right of the lady in green shirt in middle.) Gave an excellent speech, got a big laugh when he compared the moderate turnout to Cindy Sheehan having to pay people to show up at her rallies, in which more media then anyone else came.

Of course, WRAL says “hundreds gather.”

WTVD: Hundreds hold “tax revolt.” Video from them here.

NBC17? Nothing since this morning’s story.

The News and Observer’s story is decent, didn’t try to estimate.

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2 Responses to “Raleigh Tea Party June 3 2009”

  1. David Brown says:

    Of course they said “several hundred.” I was at the event and there were maybe 400-500 people total. Tea party organizers always double the real size. I support the tea parties, so I am just being objective.

  2. Gotta disagree, David. Way more then 400-500. I’m going by what I saw there. I guess we’ll have to disagree.

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