Gitmo Detainees To Get Satellite TV And Sudoku

Wow. Gauntanamo Bay detention facility is really turning into a fantastic prison. They get fantastic food to the point where they were gaining weight, movies, books, and incredible health care, so much so that James Inhofe (R-Ok) said “It just blows your mind when you stop and think about the way that they are, are treat people down here, much better than our national, our federal prison system.” And now

The U.S. military is rigging up satellite television service and distributing Sudoku puzzles in Guantanamo prison cells even as the Obama administration works toward a goal of emptying them of detainees.

The amusements are aimed at providing mental stimulation for the 240 remaining captives, whom human rights monitors and defense lawyers have said were being driven mad by years of isolation at the U.S. prison for suspected terrorists.

Hey, I can think of some other people who were driven mad, though, didn’t last long, as they were stuck in burning buildings, trapped out on ledges from the raging fires, left with two options. Jump or burn to death. Some others were certainly driven mad by having to watch their loved ones die in those two burning buildings.

Eighty or so well-behaved captives who live in group dorms now have the chance to watch live satellite television, choosing from among three sports channels, al Jazeera’s English channel and another Middle Eastern channel, Hayhurst said.

Satellite TV will be extended to the medium and maximum security camps within a month, he said. “We vet all of our channels very, very closely to ensure there is nothing that would incite the individuals here,” he added.

Good luck with that. Anyone else have the feeling that coded messages will be part of those broadcasts?

One group of maximum security prisoners in the outdoor recreation cages were clearly not feeling the new spirit of sociability as a group of journalists walked by with their military escorts.

“All you are criminals. Go away. Go away,” they shouted.

Obviously, these Islamic jihadis didn’t get the memo that most of the media is on their side.

More: Via Jammie Wearing Fool, the Gitmo vacationers are going to be getting government provided laptops for email lessons so they can be reintroduced to modern society.

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4 Responses to “Gitmo Detainees To Get Satellite TV And Sudoku”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach what percentage of the 250 inmates that are remaining (Bush had already released 500+) are guilty of any crimes ? Most of these 250 are going to be released now by Obama would you rather have them angry or happy ? Those that have already been released were not convicted of any crimes. Do you think that all of those now at Gitmo should either be held for the rest of their lives or executed ?

  2. See, John, there is a problem right there. You are looking at them as a criminal law enforcement issue solely. Certainly, law enforcement has a place in anti-terrorism, but, remember, most of these jihadis were caught on the battlefields of Afghanistan, fighting without uniforms on, in violation of the geneva Conventions. So, as far as law goes, they can be held for the duration of conflict, per the GC.

    Technically, we could have executed them per the GC as spies.

  3. Little Generious Fudgepackers says:

    oh noez your so mean you must see it through their eyes mah man your so downright mean your making michelle obama not feel proud of her country


  4. When Obama loses in 2012 after trying to turn America into 1956 Soviet Union, Michelle O. will probably think her country is mean again and not like it anymore.

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