Obama Blows Off Gridiron Club, But Not DNC Fundraising Event

President Neophyte is working hard to tick off some of his biggest cheerleaders

The new president became the first since Grover Cleveland in 1885 to say no in his first year to the Gridiron Club in, an exclusive gathering of editors, columnists, and TV and newspaper executives.

Mr Obama attended in 2006 as a senator and made a speech that brought the house down. Last year President Bush regaled the audience with a ham version of “The Green, Green Grass of Home”.

The White House did not give a reason for Mr Obama’s decision, but it appears that his family holds more appeal.

The event’s date is March 21, the start of the US spring break holiday, which he is due to spend with his wife Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland a mere 20 minutes away by helicopter.

Remember when the press and liberals whined about President Bush taking vacations? Think we will see the same whine? Doubtful, of course. But, Obama is sure doing all he can to annoy the media, which, regardless of how liberal they are, are in it for themselves, and do not take kindly to snubs, particularly one of this importance. But, hey, I wonder if they have seen this story

Obama will also test his record setting fundraising prowess on March 25 at an Democratic National Committee fundraiser, Bloomberg reports. The president will headline an event at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., where tickets will range from $100 to $2,500 each.

So, the never-ending-campaign continues, and he is going to do it during the same spring break time period for which he is blowing off the Gridiron Club event. Now, I am all for doing what is right by his children, but, Obama wanted this job. He started running for it not long after he said he wouldn’t run for it until he served at least one term in the Senate, so, he must have really wanted it to break that promise. And with this job comes certain responsibilities. I wonder if the Obama supporters can explain why it is OK for him to blow off the Gridiron Club and still go to a big money fundraiser?

Of course, Obama has shown his prowess at breaking promises and throwing people, groups, and countries under the bus, so, those on the left should get used to it.

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