While Economy Burns, Obama Holds Black Tie Dinner

The Emperor must have his perks

Over a menu of wagyu beef, scallops, roasted sunchokes, and huckleberry cobbler, the President’s first formal dinner in the White House welcomed 50 state leaders.

“In this very difficult time my hope is that we can all work together,” said President Barack Obama, “and I’m confident we can do so. So with that let me propose a toast to the nations governors,”

Sets a good example, eh? More of the $100 steaks.

Obama wore a black tuxedo and black tie, First Lady Michelle Obama a silver dress. The tables were decorated with gold centerpieces and red roses.

Earth, Wind and Fire opened with “Boogie Wonderland,” which prompted various elected officials to nod their hands to the rhythm. The drummer was waving his drumsticks, urging all to dance. As pool reporters were ushered out of the room, the band was playing “September.”

Party on, Barry, party on!

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4 Responses to “While Economy Burns, Obama Holds Black Tie Dinner”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Are you suggesting that he serve spam ? And as I posted earlier wagyu does not cost 100 dollars. Before posting things like that you should do some fact checking. Are you suggesting that it was wrong for the Republicans present to eat such elitist foods ?

  2. proof says:

    “welcomed 50 state leaders” I trust they all flew coach? Wouldn’t want to make the same mistake those car manufacturers did!

  3. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    * Chicago Security IOU / Election Night –
    $3 Million…
    * Baltimore Maryland Security IOU for the train ride on Nov. 18th – $2 Million…
    * Mad Dog 20-20 / Boone’s Farm Blackberry Wine / TBird Ripple White House Cash Bar IOU – $200,000 ….
    * A socialist in chief as president –
    F’N PRICELE$$ Blackbeard!!!

    Nj Devils shoot and score!

  4. John, I am suggesting that appearences matter, and when he is out living the high life while American suffer, there is a problem.

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