Obama Goes To Iowa – Er, Ottawa

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper just started their joint news conference, the first such dual podium event for the new president.

The newness is showing – the president began his remarks with, “It’s a great pleasure to be here in Iowa – Ottawa.”

Can you imagine the outrage and moonbattery had it been Dubya who said that?

Say, I wonder if Ottawa is one of the 58 States?  p-(   #-o

PS: I find it funny. Anyone could make a slip like this.

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5 Responses to “Obama Goes To Iowa – Er, Ottawa”

  1. manbearpig says:

    I thought we had 57 states?

  2. Well, he had visited 57 with one more to go 🙂

  3. John Ryan says:

    still mocking our Commander in Chief in time of war. I would expect something like that from a socialist pinko but from you Teach such disrespect is sad. Shocking.,why don’t you just start cheering for Osama bin Landen. Everytime you say something bad about him more terrorists become emboldened.

  4. joated says:

    Just like a rock star on tour. One town/city gets to look just like another.

  5. John, I thought you knew, he is not the Commander in Chief, he is the Community Organizer in Chief.

    On a more serious note, why is he ignoring the news about Iran’s nuclear aspirations? Plus, I have a great post for you tomorrow morning that should blow your mind.

    Tine to break out the Jackson Brown, joated. Maybe a bit of Load Out. Question is, does Barry have Richard Pryor on the video?

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