Karzai: Barry Needs To Settle Down And Show Better Judgement

So, let’s see: Obama is trying to play pattycake with Iran, making nice-nice, and ticking off Afghan President Hamid Karzai. And Karzai, playing the experienced executive, takes an oh-so-nice shot back

Here’s one unsettling exchange with the Afghan chief of state sounding a tad displeased with his newbie presidential counterpart:

Zakaria: “Mr. President, how will you deal with the Obama administration because you did get on well with Bush. President Obama says that ‘Karzai has a bunker mentality.’ He has said that the Afghan government seems detached from what is happening in the rest of the country. Richard Holbrooke has made similar criticisms. Do you feel that these people — President Obama, Special Representative Holbrooke — do not understand what is happening in Afghanistan?”

Karzai: “I saw that statement and I was surprised to see that statement.

“About seven months ago, the U.S. embassy signed a multi-million dollar contract with our ministry of health — over $100 million I believe — because the ministry of health, according to the U.S. embassy, has done such a great service all over the country and is present all over the country. Our rural development program has reached 75% of Afghan’s 40,000 villages.

“We had schools in the country where we’ve never had schools in our history. We have roads in the country paved where we’ve never had roads in our history. The engagement with the Afghan population is so wide and so widely spread that we’ve never had in our history. And the U.S. government officials in Afghanistan know that.

“So I was surprised to hear that statement. Perhaps it’s because the administration has not yet put itself together. Perhaps they have not been given the information yet. And I hope as they settle down, as they learn more, we will see better judgment.”

We all hope that, Pres. Karzai, at least from a commander in chief and foreign policy standpoint. But, doubtful. As Joe Biden, that guy Obama picked as VP, said “The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

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One Response to “Karzai: Barry Needs To Settle Down And Show Better Judgement”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Karzai is a complete puppet. He is unable to leave the capital. Kabul is completely surrounded by insurgents The war there has been a failure, the Taliban are stronger now then ever before.And yet you would presume to listen to the words of wisdom from Karzai ?

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