DU Madness: Insulting John McCain

It has been awhile since I did a dumpster dive into the fever swamps of the Democratic Underground, but, nothing has changed. The DUmmies are still insane, offensive, hate the military and those who served, and have a blame America first mentality

 the48er: John McCain Is NOT a ‘War Hero’

Of all the bullshit in which McCain’s candidacy is grounded, none’s more offensive to me than the “war hero” crap. Actually, offensive doesn’t begin to capture it. Insane is more the word.

Though we’re often told about his five and a half years as a POW, what we never get is what matters most: an honest explanation of how, specifically, he wound up in that North Vietnamese prison in the first place.

There are two salient facts: (1) McCain participated in Operation Rolling Thunder, which killed at least 100,000 North Vietnamese — the 2008 equivalent of 1.8 million Americans: 600 times the number who died in the 9/11 attacks. (2) He helped attack a power plant in the middle of Hanoi. The plant had previously been off-limits to American bombers for fear of collateral damage.

To my mind, the bottom line in this matter is very, very simple: it’s not okay to help kill vast numbers of people who have done nothing wrong to you, and it’s not okay to destroy their infrastructure. Not even if bad people command you to do those things — it’s not okay.

And let’s be clear: John McCain was no 18-year-old draftee. He was a man of 31, and he was part of America’s permanent officer class. (His father and grandfather were four-star admirals.) That officer class helped devise the living hell that America inflicted on Southeast Asia.

In 2008 more than ever, hyper-militarized America needs to explore alternatives to the “diplomacy is for appeasers, send more troops” mentality that bred catastrophes in Vietnam, Iraq and elsewhere.

More about this and other McCain b.s. here.

Unhinged. Imagine if a conservative wrote that about Kerry. Apoplexy. There would be a run on Prozac. And I haven’t even gotten in to the comments yet! (some bad language beyond the jump)

  • McSAme is an OLD TROLL also; adulterer, suspected wife beater, LIAR, BushBot, Rove asskisser, I could go on but y’all got the gist
  • He is a War Monger. (in capitals!)
  • I take my hat off to you for your courage Just don’t assume that the electorate is smart enough or deep enough thinkers to look past the talking points. Because they aren’t
    They will read this as a bunch of liberal tree huggers who hate the Military shitting on a war heroes service.
    That is where I am coming from (the old “Americans are idiots, ‘cepting us Progressives” argument)
  • All wars are crimes. (how about the American Revolution? The Civil War?)
  • So Bush is the moral one? considering he did everything to avoid war. (BDS and a salient point to the author of the original screed. Had to give credit for this one)
  • I didn’t see it that way. I don’t think most Americans did. Wesley Clark definitely understands and respects the sacrifices made by all members of the military. He just doesn’t consider it a qualification for President, and he’s right about that. (yet he ran for President on the same qualifications)
  • That’s my sense too. Kerry and McCain are apples and oranges McCain’s service is fair game, since he’s always bringing up. (Reporting for Duty!)

Granted, there were some DUmmies who took offense to what the48er and some commenter’s wrote, but, in some cases, simply because he wrote it. They do not like it when their true feelings see the light.

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One Response to “DU Madness: Insulting John McCain”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Before McCain became THE republican nominee he was regularly attacked for years by those on the far right for making statements for the North Vietnamese

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