Widget Logic!

Hey, a very interesting plugin for those of you who use WordPress Widgets. It is called Widget Logic, and what it allows you to do is specify where your widgets will show up.

I was considering using Widgets instead of HTML’ing the sidebar stuff everytime I change a theme, but, if you notice, there is some stuff which shows on every page/post, some stuff only the “home” page, and some stuff only for single posts. How do you do that with widgets? You cannot embed php code to do that in a text widget, and how could you do that with other type widgets even if the php code worked?

Well, Widget Logic.

I am not using it here on Pirate’s Cove at the moment, but, may start one day when I am bored. Testing at my backup/development site.

The benefit of widgets is that you really only have to do it once, and the stuff will show up in every widgetized theme. However, remember one thing: if you are switching between themes with different amounts of sidebars, you will need to move the widgets. This means if you like to use a theme switcher (which people have almost stopped using nowadays), it will not work well going between a 2, 3, and or 4 column theme.

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