RoP: Author Worried About Potential Fatwa

And well he should

 A popular writer is traveling under a false name after he published a fictional book dealing with the Koran and Mohammed.

Brad Thor authored the just-released international thriller The Last Patriot (Atria Books, July 2008) — and now he wonders if a fatwa might be issued against his life. “That is an issue for us and something that my family’s been concerned about because there have been multiple death threats,” he reports. A fatwa is an Islamic religious ruling or scholarly opinion on a matter of Islamic law.

Thor finds it difficult to believe anyone would become that upset over fiction. “My goal here is to entertain, not to inflame,” he points out. “But I think what we’ve learned from the Danish Mohammed cartoons, from the British school teacher in Sudan who let her children name their teddy bear Mohammed, there is definitely a subset of that population that has absolutely no tolerance for anything other than their radical Islamist hard-line,” Thor notes.

He probably would have gotten the fatwa by now, but, he should be more concerned with the death threats. Because when someone from the religion of peace threatens your life, you should take it as serious as a heart attack.

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2 Responses to “RoP: Author Worried About Potential Fatwa”

  1. Duncan says:

    I haven’t read Thor’s new book, but have heard that it is a thrilling read. And I saw from the excerpts that there is something similar to the Da Vinci Code except concerning Islam and the Prophet Mohammed. And we ALL know how those who worship the Religion of Peaceâ„¢ (My Ass), feel about those who insult Islam.

    Yep. I’d keep a firearm with me at all times and my head on a swivel. I sure hope that he doesn’t have a wife or kids…. cuz they’ll be targets too… man, that sure is one nice Religion of Peace you muslims have there guys… p-(

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