Now The Left Is Upset By A Cartoon?

Here is what is apparently driving the Left, and Camp Neophyte, bonkers

obama new yorker muslim

Eeeeeeevil! Racist! Bigoted! Smear!

(Politico) The Obama campaign is condemning as “tasteless and offensive” a New Yorker magazine cover that depicts Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in a turban, fist-bumping his gun-slinging wife.

An American flag burns in their fireplace.

The New Yorker says it’s satire. It certainly will be candy for cable news.

The Obama campaign quickly condemned the rendering. Spokesman Bill Burton said in a statement: “The New Yorker may think, as one of their staff explained to us, that their cover is a satirical lampoon of the caricature Senator Obama’s right-wing critics have tried to create. But most readers will see it as tasteless and offensive. And we agree.”

I’m sure Jane “Blackface” Hamsher will see it as satire. What? She doesn’t? Eeeeevil!

Will all those liberals who find the cartoons about Condi Rice by Ted Rall and Pat Oliphant funny and poigniant now call them racist and disown the two cartoonists? Or all the other nasty cartoons, which folks on the left, particularly the Democratic Underground, love? Will they slam them?

Those on the DU are very upset, and may cry.

Ed Morrissey: This makes the third bigoted attack from the Left on Obama.  Two weeks ago, it was Ralph Nader acting as the arbiter of black authenticity, and last week it was Jesse Jackson wanting to castrate Obama.  One side in this cycle certainly seems obsessed by identity politics, but so far it isn’t the Republicans.

Moonbattery: You would almost think the snooty liberal elitists at the New Yorker have acquired some insight into Obama’s character.

Michelle Malkin tells Obama to grow a pair (his wife carries them in her purse), and has many of the cartoons I have mentioned, plus many unhinged liberal assassination chic.

Stop The ACLU: We can only hope that this shocking New Yorker cover takes on a life of its own, and is seen by millions of potential Obama supporters. Maybe, just maybe, where our thousands of words have failed, a picture can succeed.

Tons more at Memeorandum.

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