Unintentional Protest Lawsuit Humor

The ACLU is on the case - Convention cities sued by protesters

The cities hosting the Democratic and Republican conventions also will inevitably host thousands of protesters — and those visitors have already taken Denver and St. Paul to court.

Both cities have been sued by the ACLU and protest groups planning to mobilize at the political confabs. At issue: where and when demonstrations and marches can be held.

Blah blah blah. Standard “hey, look at us” type protests, which, humorously, the Democrats do not even want

In Denver, protest groups say the area designated for them is too far from the Pepsi Center convention site to be within sight and sound of the Democratic convention, being held Aug. 25-28. The anti-war march planned there, scheduled for Aug. 24, does not pass the Pepsi Center nor end at the demonstration area, according to the city-approved route.

“We’re going to be sort of quarantined behind all of the media in the back of a parking lot,” says Zoe¨ Williams, spokeswoman for Code Pink, an anti-war group that is part of the ACLU lawsuit. “Just because a delegate may be able to see the tiptop of someone’s head or one letter on a banner, that’s not sight and sound.”

If you were a Democrat leader, would you want the major nutjobs in your base showing up near the Pepsi Center? Would you want the women in Pink (and some man bag carrying “men”) showing up with their hate the military screeds? Would you want the great unwashed and unhinged being heard unintentionally when reporters are doing their schtick outside the Center?

I wonder if they will be able to top themselves from the 2004 GOP convention, where many smeared feces on themselves so that the cops would not want to arrest them?

Meanwhile, Republicans will, for the most part, go to work and do their jobs during the conventions, while Democrats will blow their jobs off.

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3 Responses to “Unintentional Protest Lawsuit Humor”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Ron Paul’s group will also be protesting against McCain and his global warming stance

  2. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

  3. Stacy says:

    Ewww, you felt John’s nuts?

    (sorry, immature; I know)

    Plus, I read that the ACLU was also going to file suit against the City and County of Denver for not revealing how the money the DNC gave them for security was being used.

    Mayor Hickenlooper (a Dem), and the police chief both told the ACLU to essentially shove it because they have no intentions of releasing delicate information like that.

    It’s always fun to watch them eat their own.

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