Illegal Immigrant Today: Rhode Island, Attempted Homicide, And Anxiety

Let’s get right to it: The governor of Rhode Island gets it, and is doing something about it

Governor Carcieri spent several minutes last night on national television during an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor criticizing Providence’s mayor and police chief for not endorsing his attempt to curb illegal immigration.

The governor cited the recent arrest in Providence of Marco Riz, an illegal immigrant arrested several times before he allegedly kidnapped and raped a Warwick woman, as an example of the need for his executive order.

Carcieri’s order requires law enforcement and correctional officers to work closely with immigration officials to identify illegal immigrants.

“Illegal immigration is a huge issue in our state and around the country,” Carcieri told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. “This case just epitomized that and, unfortunately, the City of Providence, which is our capital city, has not climbed on board. They are in the dark ages, if you will.”

Providence is another in a long line of sanctuary cities, flaunting the laws of the country, the state, the county, and the city. Our whole system is based on law, not the whim of a leader to decide that he/she is going to ignore portions he/she does not like.

Meanwhile, out in Pa.

A 26-year-old illegal immigrant faces attempted homicide charges after withdrawing his guilty plea to aggravated assault.

Juan Carlos Benevidas-Yanes was scheduled this morning to admit to hitting Julio Castillo Ricardo in the back of the head with a brick Dec. 30, but he did not like the proposed sentence.

The judge told him he has no choice in liking or loving his sentence. Unfortunately, the People of Pennsylvania will have to bear the burden for the cost of care for Benevidas-Yanes for decades.

And the sob story of the day

He took 15 AP classes in high school, and kicks himself for passing up two others. Now, he is graduating from UCLA, with a double major in English and Chicano Studies and a B-plus grade point average.

But for all his success, Miguel does not share the full-bodied exuberance of the graduating seniors who marched last month five abreast into Pauley Pavilion, belting out the ’60s hit “Build Me Up, Buttercup.” A native of Puebla, Mexico, he is an illegal immigrant.

Around the UCLA campus, ubiquitous kiosk signs encourage students to “Jump Into Great Jobs!” But for Miguel, any employment will be difficult. Like many undocumented students, he may elect to prolong his studies to stave off an uncertain future.


It is a long puff piece on the plight of illegals who are, last time I checked attending college on the dimes of the legal taxpayer. When they graduate, they have no jobs waiting, because they are illegals, and the LA TImes just doesn’t think that is fair, damnit!

“To these students, I say I hope you return to your home country right away,” said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach), “and I hope you repay what you have spent of other people’s money. It’s a horrible crime.”

One of the few contradictory quotes, apparently inserted to make the article appear balanced.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin’s latest column highlights 15 things you should know about La Razza

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