AGW Today: US Hasn’t Patronized Enough On Global Warming

And, quite frankly, one of the last papers to be yammering on about CO2 emissions is an Indian one

NEW DELHI: The US has done the least among the world’s eight biggest economies to address global warming, a study released on Thursday found.

Good. We’d prefer not to make meaningless gestures that would damage and destroy our economy and people’s lives.

The G8 Climate Scorecards 2008, released ahead of next week’s gathering of the Group of Eight on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, also found that none of the eight countries are making improvements large enough to prevent temperature increases that scientists think would cause catastrophic climate changes.

The gathering includes the heads of states of the US, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Russia.

Interesting. According to the Little Green Data Book of 2007, America’s CO2 output increased 20% since 1990. India’s? 88 percent. Granted, the USA is a much larger country, so, our output is still higher, but, American CO2 output has been decreasing at a rate faster then Europe. India’s has been growing.

The study shows time is running out, Regine Guenther, director of the World Wildlife Fund Climate Change Program in Germany, said in a statement. “We have 10 to 15 years left in which the global emissions have to peak and decline,” she said.

And if not, we will all die!!!!!!!!! I thought it was only 10 years left, starting in 2006, according to The Goracle, whose own energy use continues to climb.

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5 Responses to “AGW Today: US Hasn’t Patronized Enough On Global Warming”

  1. John Ryan says:

    Teach while it is true that his energy use has increased as I posted before Gore gets 90% of his household energy from green sources thus his carbon footprint is reduced by 90% is this too complex for your understanding ?
    As for the part about “we are all going to die” certainly you have that correct, the only question is ” are you going to try and leave the earth a better place for the children”?

  2. forest hunter says:

    aaaaaaawwwwww, it’s for the children. Isn’t that sweet and so, so special?

    How about we stop crippling the economy with the socialist greenie meme’s, hopelessly lost on in their Alice in Wonderland grip of reality?

  3. forest hunter says:

    If you are one of the morons who booked a ticket on the USS Gorcle in hopes of sailing through the *Northwest Passage*, put away those jet skis because the boiling waters in the North Pole have yet to melt the ice.

  4. John Ryan says:

    Some of us believe that we have a responsibility to leave the world at least in no worse shape for our children Others consider their own existence and welfare to be their only consideration. As for the economy being crippled that seems to have been accomplished by the current tenant in the White House.

  5. forest hunter says:

    There are lot of *things* that seem to you but, the facts are rarely in alignment with your feelings.

    I did not say the economy was crippled. It isn’t but, that doesn’t stop the ignorance from the uninformed lemmings. Those who’s severe afflictions due to BDS may wish it were so, in order to further the socialist/new green commie version of governing the planet but, it still isn’t. They’ll have to bring the USS Anarchy about and have another run at it.

    For those signed on to the trip over the North Pole on the Good Ship Lollypop with the Goracle at the helm, you’ll have to leave behind your water skis and jet sleds, as the boiling seas of the North, have yet to melt the ice.

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