NC GOP Tells RNC To Piss Off

Glad to see someone in the Republican Party growing a set (via Sister Toldjah and Memeorandum)

Per the RNC, the national leadership of the Republican Party has been in contact this morning with the North Carolina GOP, urging them to refrain from running the “Extreme” ad. The party says that the content of the anti-Obama ad, which references the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is “not appropriate” and “unhelpful.” 

The NC GOP is an independent organization not bound to the recommendations of the national party. A spokesman from the NC party declined to comment on any conversations between the RNC and the North Carolina team.

The ad?

Senator McCain has asked the NC GOP to not run it, and, even though I co-blog over at McCain Blogs, this is one thing I disagree with him on. Just like with Reagan, Bush 41, and Dubya, as well as other Republicans, I do not go in lock step with everything they do and say.

The RNC needs to understand that politics is nasty, and they are not going to get anywhere by never responding to the sh*t the Democrats and their peeps throw around, and sometimes need to initiate it. Republicans have sat back for 8 years and have barely said boo! back to the Democrats and their minions as attack after attack, lie after lie, smear after smear came at them.

Those of us in the right-o-sphere keep saying that the national figures need to go after the Dems, to stop taking it on the chin, to call them on their BS. Yet, the minute one of them gets snippy, such as the times Ann Coulter has done it, many call foul, say they are mean, and that these types of attacks are beneath us.

One of my favorite lines from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean has Orlando Bloom’s character, Will Turner, saying to Jack Sparrow “You cheated,” to which Sparrow replies “Pirate!” In this case “Politics!”

The NC GOP say “the ad will run.”

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5 Responses to “NC GOP Tells RNC To Piss Off”

  1. beth says:

    It really irritates me that BO was on TV wanting an apology a while ago while his ppl have that ‘what’s older than McCain’ video online.

    I haven’t heard BO condemning that. All that money spent on that older than mccain video and its not only trying to insult McCain – its not even clever!!

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    The Death Star II has a shredder and the GOPher letters get shredded! Until the GO GO GOPHERS build THAT FENCE along CA – AZ – NM and TX, or install landmines 1/2 mile in width, then I may reconsider!

  3. You are quite right, Beth. And come general election time, Obama will use his peeps, such as moveon, Media Matters, etc, to attack, while he says “not me!”

  4. John Ryan says:

    Do you also think that McCain’s signed confession for war crimes in Vietnam will come out ? It certainly was floating around on the rightside blogosphere before McCain won the nomination

  5. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    It’s a damn shame that you never were IN the Hanoi Hilton Hanoi Ryan! That’s right, Hanoi Ryan is against … WATERBOARDING!
    Shame you never saw the Al-Qaeda torture manual that was discovered last year in Iraq, eh?

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