Media Matters: Typical Liberals Acting Queer

Media Matters is having a non-factual hissy fit over the Jamil Hussein issue, which I personally never covered. If you want to get to the heart of the matter, visit Wizbang, Confederate Yankee, and Little Green Footballs, none of whom Media Matters directly links to. Instead they link those three, and every other conservative blogger they deign to sort of link to, by using a redirect, which, considering that the Truth Laid Bear ecosphere is pretty much hosed at the moment, is pretty petty. And queer! Don’t forget queer!

Why queer?

gay or strange?And Malkin wasn’t the only warblogger who was suddenly hit with a colossal bout of amnesia, as a collective “Bilal who?” enveloped the right-wing blogs last week. For instance, the site Flopping Aces excitedly covered the public charges leveled against the “scumbag” Hussein last November. But then, in the 48 hours surrounding Hussein’s release, Flopping Aces forgot to update readers about the photographer’s freedom. How queer.

Notice the double entendre?

If you highlight the “excitedly,” you will see what I mean about the redirect. Highligh “public charges,” and the link goes direct to Flopping Aces. Those redirects also affect search site rankings. I’ve actually done things like that in the way past, so as not to give ecosphere links to places like Kos, the DU, and other lefties in the ‘sphere, but, I stopped doing that because it was petty and juvenile, and, if you are going to write about someone, link them directly. Don’t be a pussy.

BTW, Michelle M does, in fact, mention Bilal Hussein, as recently as April 9.

Further queerness by Media Matters

The same was true with right-wing hotbeds such as Riehl World View, Hot Air, Stop the ACLU, Sister Toldjah, and Jules Crittenden’s Forward Movement.

None of whom Media Matters has the balls to link to, or even provide a redirect link. So, they accuse five bloggers, and cannot provide proof? How queer.

I’ll link ’em since Media Matters doesn’t: Riehl World View, Hot Air, Stop the ACLU, Sister Toldjah, and Jules Crittenden’s Forward Movement.

But, hey, good news: another leftard, Blue Girl, Red State, tells us what she really thinks

This is why we have such “respect” for the Warblogging/Milblogging community–you know, the unhinged and desperately-trying-to-find-a-fucking-pony crowd that hasn’t stopped drinking the Kool-Aid: (snip)

Eric Bohlert then goes on to give one of the most detailed examinations of the “reality-challenged” crowd–complete with excellent links a-plenty and enough smart commentary and observation to go around. I love pieces like this–you can lose yourself in them for an hour, see documented and detailed lies, distortions and misadventures, and it just reinforces why we do what we do here.

Queered links, but, yes, Bohlert’s story is a documented disaster of lies, distortions, and misadventures, since he completely forgets to mention why “Hussein” was released. See one of the links up top of this post for the answer. Blue Girl even says she can think for herself. Which is why she fails to mention why “Hussein” was released.

How queer.

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