How Will The Dems Pay For Their Change?

That’s what the USA Today wants to know, but, they never really do skewer Obama or Hillary. Not that that is unexpected.

An interesting point: A rollback of Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans could generate perhaps $75 billion next year.

But, would it really? If “the rich” are taxed at a much higher rate, then they spend less on consumer goods. So, people who sell things, and the people who make money off of creating those things, and the people who work for the people who sell things, and the people who provide support for the people who sell things, all make less money. Instead of the money making it to the government while going through the, you know, economy, and helping the, you know, economy (and middle and lower classes), it just goes straight to the feds, so all the people who make money on products sold, instead, don’t make the money.

Sounds like a great plan, eh? And, yes, it really is that simple.

Captain Ed kicks it up a notch with what appears to be his first post at Hot Air, on the same subject.

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One Response to “How Will The Dems Pay For Their Change?”

  1. drstrangeloveb52isok says:

    If these secular anti-American left-wingbats ‘r us could change the words to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Ten Commandments… these freaks would!
    The CHANGE that will result if these freaks regain the White House in nine more months is that the one dollar bill in your pocket will be taxed at 44 cents !

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