TTLF: Change IS About Staying With The Same Critters

I got a good kick out of this story

Voters have been telling pollsters that they want “change” in this election, but two consummate Washington insiders – Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain – are the presidential front-runners of the moment.

On the other hand, Republican Rudolph W. Giuliani, who has never held Washington office, and Democrat John Edwards, who ran an explicitly populist campaign, both failed to catch on despite an ample national profile and exited the race yesterday.

Change, in one form or another, is a buzzword in every campaign season I can remember. Not every candidate pushes it, particularly the incumbents, but, it is present somewhere. There are two questions I have regarding “change,” though

  1. Is it the candidates driving the “change” meme?
  2. What kind of “change” do the voters really want?

Virtually all you ever hear from the candidates on the Left side is that they want to change everything. It’s as if they do not really like America. You hear some of this from a few of the GOPers, but mostly followed by the phrase “make it better.” Except Paul. He wants to seriously change this imperialist country which is going bankrupt into an isolationist one that uses the barter system.

The question not asked of the voters regarding change is what kind do they want? Because, despite saying they want change in Washington, insiders B. Hussein Obama, Hill ‘n Bill, and The Maverick are the frontrunners. Do voters want to change the way Washington does business? Do they want to fix the problems? Or, are they simply yelling “change” because it is the silly season (which is apparently 2 years long, nowadays)?

What do conservatives want to “change?”

  1. Taxes. Reduce them, make them easier to understand. Make the code easy.
  2. Illegal immigration. Work to reduce it (not going to stop it, not in a free society.) No amnesty. Slap companies that hire illegals silly with fines and penalties. No catch and release. We want catch and deport. No anchor babies.
  3. Small government
  4. Reduced spending
  5. Fix Social Security

These are the 4 primary issues that I have heard and read about. This is what matters to conservatives. Yes, there are other issues of change, such as getting Nancy Pelosi to stop blinking so much, but these 5 seem to pop up as things that need to be fixed. That is our version of change. Not turning us into the United Socialist State of America, as the progressives seem to want.

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3 Responses to “TTLF: Change IS About Staying With The Same Critters”

  1. John Ryan says:

    The only time Republicans really seem to advocate reduced spending is when they are the minority party.
    Reduction of taxes is important HOWEVER there is a “war” going on. A very expensive war and all must do their share in supporting it. Reduction of taxes in a time of war can only happen if fiscal conservation is ignored by printing more money and then giving it away.
    I am VERY surprised that “balanced budget” was not on your list.

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