Fredheads For Mitt

This is not a joke. It is for real

Heh heh

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5 Responses to “Fredheads For Mitt”

  1. […] oddly, Teach found THIS. Not McCain related, but worthy of mention here. VERY STRANGE STUFF. Oh and Denny K is bowing […]

  2. S. B. Smith says:

    Hey !…the stickers are Great !
    I hadn’t looked at their merchandise yet….

    BTW….I registered at Romney’s site yesterday.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Now I know all you Fred! Heads didn’t do well betting on him, but Romney is at 9-1 odds so rush right over to and put some money on that fella RIGHT NOW !!
    Hillary is still the heavy favorite at 2.2-1
    Her odds will not get better until more people bet against her so help those liberals out and bet heavy on Mitt !

  4. Jack says:

    Here is a better banner for true Fredheads:

  5. Good deal, S.B. I’ll be honest, Mitt is my front runner now, but McCainites and Huckadisciples can still sway me (I do not mean anything negative with naming the followers that, BTW)

    Who you leaning towards, John?

    That was awesome, Jack!

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