cBS News: South Carolina The “Tar Pit State”

I excerpt, you decide

If North Carolina is the Tarheel State, neighboring South Carolina, host of Saturday’s crucial Republican primary might aptly be called the Tar Pit State – at least when it comes to politics.

After a few weeks of relatively civilized campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire and Michigan, the mud has flown freely during the last days of the South Carolina race. The top candidates are going after each other and outside groups have seemingly emerged from nowhere, using questionable tactics – some would say dirty tricks – that life one candidate, bring down another, but risk tarnishing them all.

OK, cBS is attempting to make a point about how nasty the campaigning has become, particularly in South Carolina. But, being that S.C. is a good Red State in Flyover country (as liberals call it), I do not think I am out of line by suggesting that cBS is taking a subtle denigrating swipe at South Carolina. The elitist liberals in the lofty news towers in NYC love to take diggs at Southern States.

They do not like the fact that Southerners ignore the action alerts and smarmy discourse emenating from the lofty towers.

They do not like that so many Blacks remember exactly which Party was against the Civil Rights Act.

And they do not like the fact that our combines, which we use two weeks a year, cost considerably more then the limo’s the liberals flit around in.

This is followed by all sorts of examples of “nastiness.” You know, the stuff that has typically been going on in political elections since Gog challenged Mabod for leadership of the cave back in 10,000 B.C. Then

So why is this Palmetto State primary, like others in years past, standing out for its negativity? The makeup of the Republican electorate may play a role. In contrast to Iowa, no one candidate seems to have a lock on evangelical Christians and other socially conservative voters – sparking a fiercer competition, especially when several of the candidates could see their White House hopes extinguished by a poor showing.

And there we get a dig at people who believe in God. Thank you for showing your snooty attitude, cBS.

But, of course, there is no negativity going on on the Democrat side

That is just a quick sample of headlines. Usually, one has to dig in to the articles from the left leaning media to see how nasty it has gotten between Hillary, B. Hussein Obama, and Silky. But, you know what? That is politics. Every time I read an article or hear it said that the campaigns are just so nasty, I feel like slapping that person with a we

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2 Responses to “cBS News: South Carolina The “Tar Pit State””

  1. john Ryan says:

    You maybe are not quite old enough to remember 1964.
    I do
    It was the Democratic party that was in the majority in Congress
    and also had the WHite house. They pushed the civil rights bill through.
    Now it is true that the right wing of BOTH parties did try to prevent it from passing. But those conservatives were unable to stop the liberals from passing it.
    And of course Black Americans have rewarded the Democrats with their votes, 87% in our last Federal election.
    Also you misrepresent the states that are called the “fly over” states. Those are the sparsely populated western states over which people from the coastal regions must pass over. The Carolinas are not included in those.
    The wikipedia entry clearly shows the votes by party and also by REGION
    It was heavily opposed more by region than by party.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    How did your US Senator Pro-Tempore vote… the KKK ‘Wizzards ‘R Us’ type from West Virginia back then… Bob Byrd?
    Didn’t DEMOCRAT LBJ (“Dallas loves you Mr. President… bang…bang…bang”)escalate the Vietnam War back then?

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