Beer Monday: Dr. King Would Have Supported Climate Change

Happy Monday! The start of a new work week, time to get busy, shift a few paradigms, throw out a few faxblast kudo’s, impress the bosses……how ’bout a beer?

Someone was drink quite a lot of beer, or something much harder, to actually write this

(Myron McCoy– Kansas City Star) Like some who try to address contemporary issues through the lens of historical figures and time frames, I wish never to be guilty of attributing to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stances he would have never considered or subscribed to.

However, he is about to

Saying that, I have every reason to believe that if Dr. King were around today, he would have much to say about global warming, environmental sustainability and our need to act immediately.

These concerns would be rooted in his strong belief that persons are to strive to live in harmony with both the physical and moral laws of God and acknowledge the consequences of our living in disharmony with such laws.

Dr. King would readily perceive the danger we face with global warming, evidenced by victims still recovering in the Gulf region, the diminishing habitat of polar bears in the far north, and growing drought-like conditions in his native South and in the West.

I’ll make a prediction myself: if Dr. King was around today, he would probably have a lot to say about the hysteria and hypocrisy by those who push anthropogenic climate change. I doubt he would care much for liars, and, as a man who backed his rhetoric with action, he would surely take to task those who whine about climate change yet do nothing themselves. I bet he would be even more upset with those who attempt to make money off of carbon offsets yet live exactly like the people they complain about, if not worse. People like Al Gore and all those who flew to the exotic vacation spot of Bali.

Yes, we should protect the environment, and, on that measure, part of Mr. McCoy’s assertion about Dr. King might be correct. However, that should be exclusive from the climate change hysterica. As I have written and said many time, one of the things that ticks me off beyond belief with the whole man made global warming idiocy is that it has subsumed virtually every environmental issue into the Cause, when they themselves are much more important and should stand on their own.

Finally, a question for Mr. McCoy (which I actually sent to the Kansas City Star): what is and has he himself done to make himself carbon neutral? In other words, is he living the life he espouses for everyone else?

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  2. John Ryan says:


    Barking moonbats ?
    The US military is concerned about climate change. If less than 1/2 of the causes of global climate change are caused by humans, should humans try to reduce the rate of climate change ?

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