America’s “Savior” Gets Dissed

I haven’t written a good “mwahahahahahahahahahahaha!” in a long time, probably because it is rather childish, but, mwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul’s web-bred legions made their own rules as they went on the attack against Fox News and GOP operatives (like pollster Frank Luntz, in video).

“You are ignoring America’s savior!” cried a young Ron Paul supporter in a confrontation topping a day of protests of Paul’s exclusion from a Fox presidential debate Sunday night. Paul, an antiwar and anti-taxation libertarian, has ranked third in some polls of Republican primary contenders in New Hampshire and ranked among the top fund-raisers.

Then the young Ron Paul supporter did a bong hit and caught up with what is going on at Storm Front and Loose Change.

His campaign has caught fire among disaffected outsiders acting as freelance organizers, through Internet chat rooms and meet-ups and list serves rather than through conventional party channels. In the days leading up to New Hampshire’s Jan. 8 primary, they’ve emerged from their laptops onto the streets in a boisterous, colorful and unpredictable swarm itching to battle it out with Fox News and Beltway insiders.

They’re everywhere in New Hampshire.

Yeah, well, isn’t it cold and flu season, too?

Sounds like a moonbat!

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