DU Thread Of The Day: Why I Support Obama

Ah, to live in the life of a moonbat, where the whole world hates the USA (as do the moonbats)

Canadiana Why I support Obama —The World View

I think both Edwards and Obama will be great presidents. Although I think Edwards is probably a bit more progressive than Obama (his rhetoric certainly is, but not sure about what will actually happen if Obama becomes president) I think that Obama should be president because I believe that the world’s view of the USA will DRAMATICALLY change the minute Obama is elected. Not the case with Edwards.

The world does not like the USA now. I am a dual citizen of the USA and Canada, and I do a lot of traveling — they do not like you and generally believe that you are a country of self-centered, warmongering, conservative, walmart shopping, overweight, uncultured, xenophobic white people. If we elect a black man named Obama, what do you think that says about us to the men and women in the middle east? They can see a man who looks a bit more like them, they can sympathize with us more. Europe and Asia and Canada will also see that the stereotype of America right now is not true.

To reiterate, I like both Edward’s and Obama’s policies very much, I may even like Edward’s a bit more (though you all need UNIVERSAL health care and his plan is simply not that even though he and some others think its sooo progressive…believe me, it’s not, thats another story though…) I think the difference in their politics is not enough to overshadow the HUGE difference in our reputation that will come about if Obama is elected. It will completely change the way others view us, and the way we view ourselves.

Let’s see. Canadiana (sic) says he/she/it is a dual citizen, yet refers to Americans as a foreigner would do. He/she/it likes Obama because he will pander to people around the world and make them “like us again.” Got news for you, bub/honey/whatever: the world has hated us for a long time, because we are the big kid on the block. We are the worlds only remaining super power, which, btw, rescued the worlds bacon twice in the last 100 years, not to mention keeping the Soviet Union from taking over Europe, Latin America, etc. Ah, you know the rest. But, kissing the worlds collective ass is more important in Liberal World.

Speaking of liberal ideas, they remind me of this

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3 Responses to “DU Thread Of The Day: Why I Support Obama”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    Only visit ‘druggies unlimited’ (DU) when you need a good laugh. I have delivered a few patients to the local mental facility and they have more brains than the democrats who support an Islamist (Osama Obama), and a Marxist (Shrillary). I would think cutting your own throat, slowly with a dull knife, would be painful but maybe the druggies don’t feel anything. Well I have picked up several who cut themselves and never felt it. Stupidity and drugs, Is that a required democrat trait?

  2. John Ryan says:

    Of course the real problem for the Republicans is that Obama is drawing much of his support from the Independents, it is always the Independents that determine the winner
    Obama is now the heavy MONEY favorite at about 2.5 – 1
    Clinton has fallen to about 4-1
    McCain at 7-1
    Rudy ay 8-1

    Fred ! is way down at 100-1
    Not many moonbats (or anyone else !) are willing to put money on him winning the White House.

  3. boomer says:

    in reference to the comment about independents… cnn reported that independents make up 40% of new hampshires electorates and that a growing number of the independents are voting gop.

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