Religion Of Piece Loves Their Recreated Virgins

I’m waiting with bated breath for those wonderful liberal womens groups like NOW, NARAL, Code Pink, EMILY’s List, Raging Grannies, League of Women Voters, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the rest, to comment on this barbaric Muslim practice

On her wedding night, Aisha Salim will hand her blooded sheets to her in-laws as proof of her virginity, according to a story in The Daily Telegraph of Australia.

But there’s one problem. Being a modern English university graduate, she is far from the traditional untouched Muslim bride.

Like most woman her age, Salim has smoked, drank, had sex and even lived with one of her past boyfriends.

However, if the devout Muslim family of her soon-to-be husband – or even her own family – knew this, she could be murdered.

Aisha has opted to have her virginity surgically restored in a delicate but painful surgery called hymenoplasties — where the hymen is re-created from the already torn tissue, or a new membrane is inserted.

Doesn’t that sound lovely, progressive ladies wearing pink? These are the people you are taking sides with over your own country, and other countries that live in the 21st Century.

“If my husband cannot prove to his family that I am a virgin, I would be hounded, ostracised and sent home in disgrace,” Salim told England’s Daily Mail.

And don’t forget being killed! Hell, Muslims will kill their children simply for the way they dress, or don’t dress.

As a sidebar, let’s not forget how open and tolerant they are regarding religion, too! The crickets from the left will be defeaning on this, too.

Yet more dhimmi’s: the New York Times is puzzled by a Muslim grandfather becoming a suicide bomber. Hint: it could be because Islam teaches violence, and they will kill you if you wonder why they are violent.

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3 Responses to “Religion Of Piece Loves Their Recreated Virgins”

  1. Silke says:

    Though they may not have specifically commented on this particular practice, NOW has come out in defense of the rights of Muslim women in the past…

    Unfortunately we are allied with many countries that accept this kind of behavior. Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia practice some of the most extreme versions of Sharia.

  2. Stacy says:

    Unfortunately, even if the Iraqi constitution was approved of my NOW, their society would not adhere to it. I don’t know what it’s going to take for women to be treated equally there. There culture is just not capable of it. There are things within Muslim law that I can appreciate, but these absurd items, such as a woman being stoned to death for being the victim of rape, cancels out the things I consider just.

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