Aside: Ron Paul Boo’d

Paul apparently went on one of his “we should trade with people who hate us, and we are responsible for them hating us” rants at the Spanish debates. Check Hot Air and Rolling Stone.

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3 Responses to “Aside: Ron Paul Boo’d”

  1. Texas Little El says:

    Yeah, that pesky Cuban embargo has taught the Fidel Castro to screw with us. Forty-Five years later and we can say he will give ground any second now……

    More likely he will be in the ground before the embargo is lifted.

    Of course we can always do what we have done over the past 7 years, attack ANYONE that disagrees with our foreign policy.

    I bet in the next 5 months the United States attacks Iran. The audacity to no longer except US dollars for oil…..Those evil bastards!

    After the NIE stated that Iran is no threat for Nuke’s, I wonder what excuse our moron and chief will think to justify attacking Iran.

  2. JIVEWIRE says:

    First, when introduced, Dr. Paul received one of the loudest applauses from the audience (probably in the top two).

    Second, he was CHEERED for his Iraq answer. He did receive boos regarding his comments on talking and trading with Cuba.

    Being in Florida, the crowd was stacked with anti-Castro neoconservative Cubans. Cubans don’t necessarily represent the majority of Latinos in America, as the majority of Latinos are anti-war in general (especially since so many Latinos, legal or not, are fighting in Iraq), and are against the current neocon warmonger big government attitude.

    Dr. Paul is a principled, honest man who sure doesn’t pander.

  3. Ogre says:

    I didn’t see the debate (who puts on debates opposite football games?) — but I liked from what I read that Paul kept saying the same things he always says, while all the other candidates suddenly had slightly different things to say about things like immigration…

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