American Flag Business

Good morning! Check it out, we have another excellent blogger to add to the American Flag League. Give a big hand to

Ironic Surrealism II

Welcome aboard, Matey!

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3 Responses to “American Flag Business”

  1. Thank you kind sir. 😀

    You are a man of your word. I like that. I am pleased to be a part of the AFL blogroll. There are many fantastic bloggers as members. And I am humbled to be alongside them.

    Kind regards,
    Velvet Hammer

  2. Robohobo says:

    Velvet – ‘Scuse me , can I call you by your first name? You are bookmarked.

  3. Velvet says:


    🙂 You sure can, I’d rather everyone do so.

    And thank you.

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