(Never)Move On Eating Their Own

Of course, they aren’t their own anymore! (Opinion Journal)

In the Hell Hath No Fury sweepstakes, groups like MoveOn.org are gearing up to take on a new set of perceived traitors in their midst–Democrats who have acknowledged some success from the troop surge in Iraq.

Chief among the targets is Washington Congressman Brian Baird, whose indiscretion was recognizing progress on the ground, despite having initially opposed the surge and having opposed the war in the first place. After a recent trip to Iraq, Mr. Baird said: "One of the things that gets very little attention is that virtually every other country I visited says it would be a mistake to pull out now."

We hope he took his flak jacket home from Baghdad. MoveOn is rolling out an ad this week in Mr. Baird’s Washington district, in which a former soldier tells of being shot at in 2003 by the Iraqis he had fought to liberate and calls America’s continued presence in the country "wrong, immoral and irresponsible." What does this have to do with the wisdom–or lack thereof–of the current strategy? Nada, which tells you something about MoveOn’s honesty.

Can’t you just feel the tolerance? The backing of freedom of speech? Just goes to prove, yet again, that those hard lefties despise anyone and anything that takes a different opinion, and will seek to destroy.

Representatives Keith Ellison (Minnesota) and Jerry McNerney (California) recently returned "impressed" by what they’d seen, though they were careful to temper their statements for any perceived optimism. After watching U.S. soldiers greet Iraqis in Arabic with "peace be upon you," Mr. Ellison reported that "they would respond back with smiles and waves" before quickly adding, "I don’t want to overplay it." It’s a measure of how far the antiwar left has moved the debate on Iraq that Mr. Ellison doesn’t want to sound too enthusiastic about the chances that the U.S. might actually win.

By all means, I hope Move On keeps it up. I do not want to stop them. They are entitled to their insanity. America is about freedom, even for raving wackjobs. Until it reaches the point of treason, of course. I hope they broadcast these messages all over the country, let the average American see the Left for what they really are.

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