Huckabee Just Lost North Carolina

At least a good portion of it. He damn sure lost any support I might have given him (via Stop The ACLU)


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Yeah, so I smoke. I do not do drugs, and I do not drink much. A real conservative would not use their elected power to limit people’s freedom, to basically legislate morality. Because once you start, where do you stop? You don’t.

Fine, so it is a forum on defeating cancer. But it was pure pandering. And decidely not conservative.

Mary Katherine Hamm, another Tar Heeler (ECU still rules, baby!), writes

But a national smoking ban? You’re not running a health spa; it’s a country, and you will never win friends in North Carolina talking like that. These big-time pound-shedders cum health nuts. You applaud them as they get healthy, but be careful putting them in power– they’ll take your food and other vices away from you quick as look at you. Because they know what’s best for you now and don’t care that they got to choose the time and place and manner of their own health reformation.

Get ’em, MKH!

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, it chains us all irrevocably."

Yeah, a bit of Star Trek. But, it is a damned good line, eh?

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3 Responses to “Huckabee Just Lost North Carolina”

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  2. Scrapiron says:

    Huckleberry is picking up the dhimmi’s talking points from the idiot governor someone elected in Va. He is pushing a state wide ban on tobacco. Me think he needs many more body guards and he had better make sure they don’t smoke. All our Va governor knows is how to talk BS and raise taxes/fees.

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