TB Friday Featuring The Surrender Monkey: NY Times Finds Haditha Marines Guilty

Happy Friday to all! It’s that time of the week again! Do you have an interesting post you want to share with everyone? The official Surrender Monkey of the Democratic Party says to do what the Lefties don’t, since they all have the same talking points: link it!

grey lady surrender monkey

I’d say you are not going to believe the language in this "story," but, hey, it is the NY Times, and the Grey Lady monkeys are pleased with themselves

Last December, when the Marine Corps charged four infantrymen with killing Iraqi civilians in Haditha, Iraq, in 2005, the allegation was as dark as it was devastating: after a roadside bomb had killed their buddy, a group of marines rampaged through nearby homes, massacring 24 innocent people.

Really? I guess the justice system is seeing it differently, since three Marines have been absolved of any crime, and for a fourth, it has been recommended that charges be dropped.

In Iraq and in the United States, the killings were viewed as cold-blooded vengeance. After a perfunctory military investigation, Haditha was brushed aside, but once the details were disclosed, the killings became an ugly symbol of a difficult, demoralizing war. After a fuller investigation, the Marines promised to punish the guilty.

Don’t forget, the Left supports our cold blooded, murderous troops.

But now, the prosecutions have faltered. Since May, charges against two infantrymen and a Marine officer have been dismissed, and dismissal has been recommended for murder charges against a third infantryman. Prosecutors were not able to prove even that the killings violated the American military code of justice.

Could it be because no crime was committed? Times employees say "damnit!"

Regardless of what happened to charges against the other defendants, there is still great public pressure on the Marine Corps to investigate and punish any wrongdoing in a case in which so many civilians died.

“We can’t say those guys didn’t commit a crime,” said Michael F. Noone Jr., a retired Air Force lawyer and law professor at Catholic University of America. “We can only say that after an investigation, there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute.”

But we can certainly insinuate that there was a crime. Ya know, in my America, a person is innocent till proven guilty. Apparently, not in Liberal World, though. Especially if you are a republican or in the military.

In related news, Hot Air has an article up about yet another Marine who is suing Jack "They are all guilty" Murtha.

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4 Responses to “TB Friday Featuring The Surrender Monkey: NY Times Finds Haditha Marines Guilty”

  1. Scrapiron says:

    The key word that identified the slime ball Air Force Officer was ‘lawyer’, and member of the most disrespected, mistrusted slime ball oganization in the world, lawyers.

  2. Rosemary says:

    If you remember way back, they tried to do this to 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano. We were all over that case, and his mother started a website called Defend the Defenders. It is awesome what this lady does.

    I never believed they were guilty of a crime, especially since the only witnesses are terrorists! For God’s sake, can’t these people use their brains instead of some stupid law book? *sigh*

  3. The left is invested in losing Iraq, so anything, no matter how minor or absurd, will be used to denigrate the mission, even if it denigrates the troops, who they say they support. Which, we all know, they don’t.

  4. Rosemary says:

    Yes, I do believe you are correct. What a sad state of affairs. Fortunately, our men and women in uniform are MUCH more than they’ll ever hope or dream to be, and they get the job done.

    You know, as well as I do, that the only reason they keep saying that they support the troops is because we will destroy them if they say otherwise. That is why they are all so defensive!

    I’ve never heard the words ‘unAmerican’ come out of President Bush’ mouth or anyone close to him. Let us look at the Left commies, shall we? Starting with Byrd: Liar, liar, liar. Hmm. Does this sound like a nice man? When Bill Clinton was impeached, I was always so frustrated because the Repukelitans never had the decency or the nerve to allow that word to come out of their mouths. I guess being on the Left means anything goes. Who wants to live in That type of fantasy world?

    Oh, look at me. Please forgive the ranting going on and on. I just woke up with renewed energy. LOL. Have a great day. 😉

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