Padilla Found Guilty. DU Says “Damn”

By now, most people know that Jose Padilla was found guilty (excellent!), and, for those who want to read some good detail on the decision, check out Stop The ACLU for a roundup.

Some other folks to check out are Michelle Malkin, Captain Ed, Hot Air, Macker, and The Jawa Report, among others.

Interestingly, no one seems to be dumpster diving at the DUmmocratic Underground. So, I have put on my hip waders and latex gloves, have a scented candle going, and the shower on standby

  • damn n/t
  • appeal, Appeal, APPEAL!
  • Not exactly justice.
  • Hartman read it too the test balloon is successful Be afraid, very afraid
  •  WTF is federal terrorism support? Is that like being a cheerleader?
  • I’m seething right now…Imprisoned without charge for 3.5 years, physically and/or psychologically tortured ’til he’s half-insane, and what do we do? Convict him anyway. Now he’ll face the needle.
  • An Inside Look at How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla (with a link)
  • I couldn’t even imagine the torture he went through!
  • Did anyone notice the banner on cnn’s site? It went up the moment the verdict was to come in, and it’s HUGE; Jenna Bush is engaged. Divert! Divert! (is that as close as we will get to "questioning the timing?")
  • I don’t know if he is "guilty" or not…but he shouldn’t have been found guilty…the illegal way he was "detained" and not charged, tortured and the use of information obtained both from "anonymous" sources from Gitmo etc. (and most likely under torture) should have had this case dismissed or had him found not guilty.

    I feel sick. We have a fascist police state where the dictator can declare you an enemy combatant, detain you, torture you and then you are still found guilty where they put you away for life.

    Wow….welcome to Amerika!

  • The justice system is so messed up This is a Shame but I am sure nothing will be done about this either… Maybe a bush pardon! (had to capitilize "shame," eh?)
  • This is horrible, but what isn’t lately? "Lately" meaning the last six and a half years.
  • This stinks….I feel that another piece of American justice fell off today.
  • Our government now has permission to torture citizens, disappear them into legal limbo, play legal shell games with the charges, and still get whatever convictions they want. They have their precedent.

    And now they will use that to expand their reach and power over anyone they like. This will get worse.

    Anyone who disents against the government is at risk

  • …and the timing of this has nothing to do with Rove’s resignation. (Woop, there it is. Woop, there it is)
  • Sad day for the rule of law! The evidence gathered by the torture of KSM has been instrumental in the conviction.

    I feel bad for the guy. I think he really got screwed. I think the fact that he’s been tried in Miami Beach (for the most part)- not necessarily ever confused with Dearborn, Michigan, mind you!- goes to show you that there was a real series of powers against him from the beginning.

  • a soviet-styled show trial at the very least and Bushco. will no doubt trumpet this horrifying miscarriage of justice as a ‘great success’ as they continue to run amok in their mad rush to ever increasing power. in a non-bizarro world this case would have been laughed out of court. (well, Leftards would know, eh?)

That was a good one! Classic DUmmyland! Supporting a terrorist and defemaning the USA is just no big deal for them, and par for the course.

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6 Responses to “Padilla Found Guilty. DU Says “Damn””

  1. Jose Padilla Found Guilty on All Charges…

    Jose Padilla was found guilty today on all three charges against him, including terrorism.
    The AP is reporting:
    Jose Padilla was convicted of federal terrorism support charges Thursday after being held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant …

  2. Bullwinkle says:

    The idiots at DU are only worried about this because they support terrorism themselves, as evidenced by their support for Padilla.

  3. Well, it is great to know whose side the “loyal Democrats” of the “new mainstream” are on.

    And, as usual, it is not on the side of America — they prefer our enemies.

  4. Scrapiron says:

    The FBI is currently investigating every one that comments on DU for un-american activities. Within weeks they will all be in the ‘Bush’ re-education camps. I’ve traveled quite a bit and haven’t located one of the camps. Do you think the dhimmi’s can tell me where one is? It’s they’re next permanent address so they should know. ROFL If the democrats get any more stupid they will have to be confined in a mental hospital, that’s for sure. I fear democrats more than I fear the terrorists. They will surely do more permanent damage to the United States. Chelsey Clinton ask a Marine returning from Iraq what he feared most in the world. He replied, Osama, Obama, and your Momma.

  5. Stacy says:

    I appreciate you dirtying yourself to keep us informed. Now about that shower . . .

  6. I still feel a bit dirty.

    Scrap, those camps exist! 🙂

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