World Water Week: Creating Tons of CO2

I would think these people are joking, but, climahysterics have no sense of humor

STOCKHOLM (AFP) – Climate change and a potential water shortage in some regions, also due to the diversion of water to crops for biofuels, will be at the centre of the 2007 World Water Week which opens here Monday, with 2,500 international experts expected to attend.

At that point, why go on with any discussion of the conference and its goal? The same people who whine about man made climate change will be converging on Stockholm, and how are they going to get there? Do ya think they will be walking, or will a good portion of them be arriving by jet? How many by private plane? What kind of motor vehicles will they be traveling in? How much water will they be using themselves, as they certainly live it up.

And what kind of experts will they be? Beauracrats and politicians? Funny how all the climahysterics constantly have all these meetings in cool places around the world, yet, never really seem to solve anything, excepting, of course, their great idea in how to sucker people into paying for carbon offsets.

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