Don’t You Want A Cockatoo?

Heh heh heh

ALBION, Ind. – People are being careful about their language around an 8-year-old named Peaches who has a habit of learning and repeating the worst she hears.

Peaches is a Moluccan cockatoo, and staffers at Black Pine Animal Park say she used to be a pet in a household where she picked up a vocabulary that can be as colorful as her feathers.

Bring da kiddies! (no, I’m not serious)

Yes, I know, it is a parrot. But, doesn’t Darwinism say that all life comes from the same flatworm?

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3 Responses to “Don’t You Want A Cockatoo?”

  1. Splunge says:

    That’s not a cockatoo. It’s an African Grey.

  2. Silke says:

    That was funny! And to answer your question, no – Darwinism does not say that all life comes from the same flatworm.

  3. A birds a bird 🙂

    Did you notice the winking sign, Silke?

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