Refurbing Schools In Iraq

Looks likes Harry Reid’s "loser troops" are doing some good things in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Iraq, July 26, 2007 — After a month of ongoing renovations, Otba Bin Gazwan Girls High School in Salhiyih was opened during a small ceremony July 19.

“Initially we worked with our Civil Affairs team, and we went out to assess the school and realized that it was a good school,” explained the troop’s acting commander and Branford, Ct. native, 1st Lt. Jason Tucker, Troop A, 4th Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, “We knew it would be a great project for the brigade as a whole to work on and tried to facilitate the funding for it.”

Tucker said that once money was allocated for the project, they were able to work with NAC officials to hire local contractors to come in and completely refurbish the school. Once the work began though, he and his troop did very little other than follow up on the progress.

I guess our loser troops are smart enough and good enough to not only get the funds for the renovation, but to get the locals involved, giving them work and money, all for a good caused.

KHALIS, Iraq, July 26, 2007 — Approximately 75 tribal sheiks and local leaders gathered at the Iraqi Army Headquarters in Khalis, Iraq, to discuss grievances between tribes, determine solutions for security and services, and unite to defeat al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations in the Khalis area.

“Our goal is to be united and cooperate between us to stand between any force that wishes to challenge our unity,” said one tribal sheik. “We have to show the people that we are honest and serious about fighting against al-Qaeda.”

The meeting, led by Staff Maj. Gen. Abdul Kareem, commander of Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in Diyala; Staff Maj. Gen. Ghanem Abass Ibraham al-Qureshy, the Provincial Director of Police; and Col. David W. Sutherland, commander of Coalition Forces in Diyala, resulted in the signing of a peace agreement between 18 of the tribal leaders in attendance.

Our loser troops, along with their loser Iraqi counterparts, have wisely engaged the shieks and local leaders. I wonder if Reid thinks they are losers, too? I wonder how the later group of losers would feel and react if we follow the Defeatocrats postition of surrender? I wonder what they think of the constant drumbeat for retreat and abandonment from the Defeatocrats, including the latest from John "the troops are murderers" Murtha, which is almost the same as the others he has introduced?

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