What Where They Shredding?

Via TMZ, we find out that Nance Pelosi was on a shredding tear

Now, where I a crazy conspiracy theory style moonbat, I might wonder what was going on. Imagine the (typical) furor if this occured outside the office of a Republican, or at the White House. Of course, I would conjecture, along with TMZ, that a Republican wouldn’t leave trash lying next to the Flag of the Republic.

Seriously, though, could you imagine the headlines? The calls by Democrats for a Congressional investigation? John Conyers warming up his basement courtroom playset? Ted Kennedy taking a few minutes away from his Scotch to get a good thunderous red faced seethe on? Kerry trying out his newest pre-botched joke?

You would think that Congress could afford a good shredding service or something.

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2 Responses to “What Where They Shredding?”

  1. Victor Ward says:

    I think it’s probably the receipts from her beauty treatments she must have had to enable her to be named one of Washingston’s beautiful people!

  2. Well, there is a scary thought 🙂

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