Good News In The Border Agents Case

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"Americans have been waiting for months for the president to right this wrong, and I am not gong to wait any longer," said Rep. Tom Tancredo in a press release. "It’s time that Congress took matters into its own hands."

Tomorrow, Tancredo plans to attach an amendment to H.R. 3093, the Appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce, Justice and Science, stating that no funds appropriated in the bill may be used to carry out the decade long prison sentences imposed on Ramos and Compean.

According to WorldNet Daily’s Jerome Corsi, Tancredo’s amendment is grounded in Article I of the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress absolute authority over spending matters.

Excellent, simply excellent! It begs the question, how many Democrats, and, even Republicans, will support the Amendment? Will it be voted on tommorrow, or will it be sent to a House committee and languish?

According to World Net Daily, this Amendment is designed to sprint the two from jail, effectively commuting their sentences

Carlos Espinosa, spokesman to Tancredo, told WND that while the "Get-Out-of-Jail-Now" measure is unconventional, it is not unprecedented.

"This wouldn’t be the first time Congress has stepped in and used its authority under the Constitution to overturn a brainless decision by a federal court," Espinosa said.

Let’s hope it passes!

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4 Responses to “Good News In The Border Agents Case”

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  2. John Ryan says:

    ummm perhaps you could point out where in the US Constitution Congress is given such powers ? I thought that was the perogative of the Executive branch.
    Anyway Republicans lost the House, rather badly, I can’t see this going anywhere.

  3. John says:

    Mr. Ryan is correct that the power to commute and pardon are the perogitve of the Executive branch; however the power of the purse does lie with the House of Representatives.

    If funding is cut off to anything pertaining to Ramos and Compean, a prison would be forced to allow to starve or let go. I doubt starvation would be allowed in this politically correct society.

    You also have another good point: The House of Representatives is controlled by the Democrats. The only way such an amendment could proceed is if the Democrats felt it embarrassed the President.

  4. exactly right, John. It is using the power of the purse.

    Now, quite a few of the Democrats actually are supportive of a pardon, or at least a commutation of the agents sentence, particularly those from out west.

    For the rest who might want to embarass Bush, I say, go for it. W doesn’t even want to engage on the subject, so, quite plainly, f*ck him.

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