Iran Agrees To UN Inspections

Haven’t we heard this refrain many times in Iraq and North Korea, among others?

VIENNA: United Nations nuclear inspectors who were banned earlier this year by Iran from visiting a heavy-water reactor will now be allowed to inspect it before the end of July, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday.

In a further sign of compromise, the IAEA said the country also agreed to answer questions on past experiments that the international community fears could be linked to a weapons program.

The IAEA – the United Nation’s nuclear monitor – said Iran promised the concessions, including the inspection of the Arak heavy-water reactor, in a meeting this week between its officials and a senior delegation from the Vienna-based agency.

Perhaps they mean it. We will see. They are, in fact, entitled to a nuclear reactor for power generation, per the Non Proliferation Treaty, and, the primary member signatories, are obliged to help them build it, the US being one of them, but, it cannot be for weapons production, and inspections must be allowed.

Here’s my question: if Iran starts jerking the UN around, how long do we give them before "doing something?" The left says to give the UN time to get its job done. Fine. We can do that. They have already been working on this issue for several years, primarily with France and England negotiating with Iran.

We gave Iraq 12 years of jerking the international community around, while several countries, including two Security Council members (France and Russia), sold banned goods to Iraq. While Saddam continued to pay families $25,000 for their children to go be suicide bombers. While the Oil For Food scandal was going on. While Saddam played games with the inspectors. While he raped, tortured, and killed Iraqi’s. You know the whole hit parade. If you don’t, you are probably a moonbat who takes Prison Planet and MoveOn at their word.

North Korea played their games, and have continued to blackmail countries for goods, and continued to be successful in said blackmail. They just received oil for supposedly closing its reactor.

Now, when I say "do something,"  am not referring to sanctions. Sanctions rarely hurt the rulers and upper stratus of a country. They hurt the people. Do we really want to do something which would turn the younger, more pro-western crowd against the West? We have, of course, been hearing how western liking and pro-freedom the young in Iran are, for about 15 years now. Sanctions would hurt them.

But, so would bombings. Unlike sanctions, bombing the reactors would be over quickly, and, while they might piss off the folks who aren’t hard core radical Islamics in Iran, it would not hurt as much as sanctions, nor be as long term fuming as sanctions.

So, Liberals around the world, how long do we give the U.N.? What is the hard number before more extreme action is taken? One year? Five? Twelve? If Iran jerks the UN around, do we give them time enough to actually develop nuclear weapons, along with long range means to deliver them? Of course, I really wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t already bought some on the blackmarket from the former Soviet Union.

Give me a time range. Be specific.

Hopefully, everything will work out peachy keen with the UN inspections, and Iran will not play games and use their reactors to glean weapons grade nuclear materials. But, again, give me a time frame for the inspections.

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2 Responses to “Iran Agrees To UN Inspections”

  1. Ogre says:

    As Obama says, we need to “dialogue” with these people. Fighting never solved anything — or so they say.

  2. You should see some of the convos I am having with some libtards regarding military action against Pakistan and Iran. They say we need to “threaten them” but they refuse to say what we do once those threats fail.

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