John Does Suing TB Patient

Oh, wait, they are actual people? Goodness

(CNN) — Eight people who shared a flight with tuberculosis-infected traveler Andrew Speaker on May 24 filed suit Thursday against him in a Canadian court.

Canadian Press reported the suit, filed in Quebec Superior Court, seeks $1.3 million (Canadian $1.4 million) in damages.

Speaker, a 31-year-old Atlanta, Georgia, lawyer, caused an international uproar when he disregarded doctors’ advice and traveled abroad to get married, potentially exposing his fellow passengers to the disease.

Speaking with CNN from a hospital in Denver, Colorado, where he is undergoing treatment, Speaker said he is aware of the pending litigation but has not heard from his attorney in Montreal, Canada.

"I am not some trust-fund baby, and there is nothing to go after," he said.

Maybe not, but, actions have consequences. He chose to fly all around the Western Hemisphere, knowing he had TB. He did not know that he wasn’t infectious with the really bad strain of TB. Regardless, he still knew he had TB.

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