Vote To Deny Illegals Services Coming Up Tuesday

Well, well, well, it looks like Prince William County is about to take a vote that makes sense

Prince William County – A controversial proposal denying illegal immigrants county services and making it easier to deport those who break the law is up for a vote Tuesday, making Prince William County a battleground in the national debate over immigration reform.

Supervisor John Stirrup introduced a measure designed to be among the toughest in the nation, fueled by community uproar over illegal immigration and the lack of congressional action.

“We’re going to vote … to make sure that anybody who’s receiving services administered by the county is a legal citizen or resident of the United States,” Chairman Corey Stewart told The Examiner. “It sends a very hard message that we’re going to do whatever we can as a county to stem illegal immigration.”

Of course, there are going to be the naysayers, illegal immigrant supporters, and, of course, the ACLU, which has forgotten that the first letter stands for American. Maybe they think it stands for the continents nowadays. Who really knows what goes on behind their cherry pick the Constitution minds. Anyone who can find abortion on demand in the Constitution must have shit for brains.

Seriously, for all those who support giving all illegals services designed for American citizens and those who are here legally, and paid for by Americans and, to some extent, those here legally, why do you want to extend these privileges to those who are here illegally? No silly feelings on arguments, please.

(Was going to post this with my Blackjack, as I often do, but, no signal where I was today. As far as a quick search shows, there is not update to this story)

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One Response to “Vote To Deny Illegals Services Coming Up Tuesday”

  1. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    … caught speeding and told the trooper I know I was speeding but I’m an illegal alien so he smiled and let me go…went to Yankee Stadium and when asked for my ticket I told the usher I was an illegal alien and he smiled and let me in… went to Mass on Sunday but the priest told me that too many illegal aliens were already in the pews and he turned me away? – Only in borderless America / Estados Unidos 2007

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