Beer Monday: Bail For Illegals

Demotivation Monday has to take a backseat to Beer Monday. You’ll need one or 5 after reading today’s story

Are ye ready? Should be the same as a fast ball to the groin

(CBS/AP) NEW HAVEN, Conn. Twenty-six of the 32 people arrested in controversial raids on illegal immigrants in the city last month are back home after their families and the community raised enough money to post their bails.

The immigrants said they lost their jobs, left behind their families and suffered humiliation while they were detained.

One of those arrested, a 32-year-old woman identified only as Teresa, said she wants to stay in New Haven because she needs to take care of her mother and ill father, and she has a 14-year-old daughter. She lost two restaurant jobs after her arrest, but has gotten a job at another eatery.

"When I got detained, my world fell apart, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to support them any more," she said. "They treated us like criminals, and we aren’t criminals."

Well, yes, you kinda are a criminal. You are in our country illegally. And, can you believe that not only were they given bail, but at least one, Teresa, was able to actually get another job? Un-frickin’-believable!

All 32 people were arrested as ICE authorities tried to serve illegal immigrants with deportation orders. Such orders were served to five people, and the remaining immigrant is expected to be released from detention on Monday or Tuesday. Authorities said all the people arrested were here illegally.

What is even more disturbing then a community coming together (as other parts of the article point out) for the sake of illegals, and all the bleading heart bullshit, is that the United States government actually allowed illegal immigrants to post bail! What part of "illegal" do they not understand?

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2 Responses to “Beer Monday: Bail For Illegals”

  1. Ogre says:

    They’ve learned now that the bleeding hearts will all support them when they claim “family hardships.” Those are the magic words now that will allow every last illegal to stay and continue to commit crimes. I wonder if there’s a Spanish-language comic book that tells them to talk about their “ailing parents.” With Mecklenburg County spending $20 MILLION to teach English as a second language, we might even be paying to produce the comic book.

  2. It really is truly disgusting the way the open borders folks, can’t claim they are all lefties, based on the shamnesty debate, act towards illegals.

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