Hold That Tiger

Search the thicket!

[gv data=”5Pjp7h40MG4″][/gv]

I promise, no blood, but one very surprised dude with a camcorder.

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2 Responses to “Hold That Tiger”

  1. Ogre says:

    Oh, that’s BAD. And even worse than it looks. I’d say, based on the cat’s action, that what he was doing was “marking his territory,” not pooping. And that’s going to burn and smell a lot longer and a lot worse!

    I can’t believe there’s anywhere that people can walk right up to the chain-link fence near the cats like that!

  2. True. Dude is lucky that that is all the tiger did. Considering that they are considered man killers in the places they live wild in.

    A second fence would probably be a very good idea.

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