Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup

And a Good Sunday to all. This pinup is by Edward Runci, with a bit of help, of course, and reminds us that it is almost beach season (in the northern hemisphere). Are you ready? Step away from the cookie!

So, this guy goes to the big boss and says “Boss, your business plan sucks. It just isn’t working. It’s a complete failure. All your managers have no clue.”

So, the boss says “We have been making great strides, making money. Sure, its been tough, but I just don’t see your point. However, if that is the way you feel, tell me, what do we need to do to succeed?”

The guy says “we need to shut the business down.”

The boss says “you’re fired.”

Bet you thought that was going to be a joke, eh? On one hand, it is, and goes along well with the conversation I have been having over at Blogs For Bush with yet another liberal who complains about Iraq, but the only plan they have is to “shut the business down.”

What’s going on

  • Basil says “The Biscuits win, the Biscuitssssss win!”
  • Raven discusses the ticking time bomb
  • Gauis (Blue Crab Boulevard) says Yale has gone loco
  • John Lillpop (Itsapundit) asks “To Cho or not to Cho?”
  • Cassandra opens Pandora’s Box
  • Lunatics for anti-zionism and terrorist appeasement is at Wizbang
  • The Radio Equalizer is wondering if the I-Man is going to sue (not Air Deadbeat, of course, as they have less then no money)
  • Stop The ACLU has more on the Mt. Soledad Cross issue and the ACLU’s insanity
  • Steven Taylor (Outside The Beltway) says “you just can’t make this stuff up!”
  • McQ (Q and O blog) asks if people have ever heard of an off button
  • Michelle M: Wither France
  • Are We Lumberjacks? has Harry Reid motivation (go to the home page and check out the others, too)
  • Bullwinkle has Dance Fever. Also, check out the comments for what happens to hotlinkers
  • Kender, posting at Cao’s, welcomes everyone to the vault of stupidity
  • Beth (Blue Star Chronicles) shows us what matters in life

And, of course, there is much more happening out there in the ‘spere. It is also Earth Day, which I intend to spend 3 hours or so drinking beer and eating buffalo wings, contributing to the methane problem, waiting to see if the Devils can close out the ‘Bolts. And work in the yard a bit.

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2 Responses to “Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup”

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  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour07 says:

    Please deduct half a ‘pound’ from your beautiful Patriette Pinup’s weight for pound puppy’s paws are on her scale: 36-24-36 and 140 pounds looks grrrreat to me WT!
    Aren’t God-loving and virtuous conservative women worth fighting for and dying for WT? The Demlibloonies just don’t get it ‘right’ for they have no morals, ethics nor virtues. That’s why they’re lost Demliblunatics!

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