Culture Of Corruption: Jim Black To Plead Guilty

This will probably only matter to those in North Carolina, but, hell, I live in North Carolina

Former House Speaker Jim Black is expected to plead guilty to a public corruption charge in federal court in Raleigh on Thursday, ending the career of North Carolina's most powerful speaker of the modern political era.

Under the deal, Black is expected to plead guilty to one count of accepting illegal gratuities, according to his lawyer. The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

And what party does Black represent? Yes, the Democrats, that is correct. You get an A+. In all fairness, folks from both sides of the political spectrum get indicted, it is seemingly part and parcel of being in politics. Dirty politicians.

I have to wonder whether he will actually serve time, or the very liberal State judicial system will slap him on the wrist.

During his tenure as speaker, Black presided over budgets that steadily boosted education funding and engineered a crucial vote to pass the state lottery.

I wonder how that has worked out? North Carolina went down one spot, from 22 to 23, in the smartest state rankings from 2005 to 2006. Of course, we do have a massive influx of Blue Staters into NC. And, despite the lottery, which was supposed to add suplementary money to make sure the schools run, the state is still complaining about a lack of money. Maybe they could stop wasting so much money on constantly shifting students from one school to another, and all the money required to bus them, as well as the massive amounts of administrators, rather then teachers.

The Mecklenburg County Democratic Party's executive committee will meet and recommend a replacement for Black's seat, whom Gov. Mike Easley will then appoint. Easley could not be reached Tuesday night.

Where is the outcry from the Left that there should be a special election, like when Tim Johnson fell ill.

Not really an update, as I hadn't posted this yet (I wrote it in the AM), but Jim Black has officially resigned.

It is a shame that the Charlotte media is so weak, in terms of posting video's and such, as, according to WPTF-680, Black was caught on camera by a Charlotte station blaming the NC GOP for his downfall. Like it is their fault that Black took bribes and got caught. Typical liberal, always blaming others.

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4 Responses to “Culture Of Corruption: Jim Black To Plead Guilty”

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  2. JulieB says:

    OK. Above comment is wierd… you could add wierd commenters to your list of wierd stuff.
    Corrupt politicians are a bi-partisan lot – and there you go – common ground, huh? Sorry. You know, liberals always looking for that inclusive angle.
    Ciao, baby

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  4. Yup, corruption is not party specific, I will agree.

    And the Mullah keeps leaving weird stuff like that.

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