WTW: UK Police Stop Terror Plot, Massive Use of Quotation Marks

Morning, y'all, Jebediah Murphy here. Kudos to the British (from the BBC)

Police raids target 'terror plot' (this was the headline)

Eight people have been arrested under the Terrorism Act in Birmingham after a "significant" operation involving police and security service MI5.

A number of addresses in the city have been sealed off after morning raids.

Senior security sources have told the BBC the raids were targeting a kidnap plot rather than one aimed at causing mass casualties.

Good news, but, I have to ask, what is with the BBC's use of quotation marks? Other media outlets do it too, but the BBC is one of the worst offenders. Why is terror plot within ' and ', and significant within " and "? Is it because, like all good progressives/liberals/surrender monkeys, they do not really believe that Muzzies could be capable of terrorist acts, so a bit of skepticism is in order, as denoted by the marks? Perhaps they should take a drive up to Lockerbie. Or their own subway and bus stations.

CNN is reporting it as a "beheading plot." With the quotation marks. A search through the "news site" finds a few more occurences, all with links to the war on terror, such as "time is short" in Iraq, commander nominee says.

The DUmmies are just starting to get started in their loonucy. Keep an eye on this thread.

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