Child Predator Almost Gets What He Deserves

You always here that people who abuse children are not treated very well in prison. They are supposed to be the lowest stratus of convicts in the prison system because "even criminals have some morals." Here is proof (from WRAL)

The man who pleaded guilty to molesting and killing a 10-year-old southern Indiana girl now has her name tattooed on his forehead.

Anthony Stockelman, serving a life sentence at the Wabash Correctional Facility for killing Katie Collman, was found with the words "Katie's Revenge" on his forehead.

Corrections officials at the facility are investigating the matter, and have contacted state police to assist in the investigation.

Officials said Stockelman is now being held in protective custody. Officials said they aren't sure if the tattoo was done by another inmate. Katie's father John Neace heard about it from friends, and figures other prisoners are responsible.

Probably so, and hopefully that will catch on in other prisons.

Amazingly, the article has Stockelman's brother whining about Stockleman not being able to see his kids. Really? He pleaded guilty to the crime.

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2 Responses to “Child Predator Almost Gets What He Deserves”

  1. Stacy says:

    The new scarlet letter hmm?

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