Midday Cute

Rather appropriate for a Friday, eh?

Anyhoo, in regards to the whole Dean Esmay kerfluffle (who I won't link to. Not giving any traffic even from little blog) Vinnie at The Jawa Report makes a great point (well, he makes many, but this stands out)

This blog has always made distinctions. But, in his arrogance, Dean Esmay does not. We know, and have posted on it numerous times, that there are good Muslims out there. We've lamented that they don't speak up as often as they should. Dean Esmay makes his mistake in not realizing that Islam is not simply a religion. It is an ideology, a political force, and a way of life for its adherents.

Unfortunately, those on the Left, like Dean, have to take an extreme view fof everything. They talk about being nuanced, about there being shades of grey, but, they seem to be more interested in painting the door one shade. Usually black red. That is the color of the blood they cause to be spilled.

More: Macker links to a classic B&W film about the desecration of the Arizona 9/11 Memorial. Good catch, M!

Need to reinforce cute again.

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